Under Floor Storage

16 03 2010

As in many campers, the dinette seating wraps around a table that is supported by a pole anchored to the floor.  This arrangement allows the table to swivel to the most convenient position.  In Northstar campers, the floor below the table is raised slightly providing about 4” of storage space.  Now, you might not think that you can store much in 4”, but it holds an amazing assortment of tools including a drill and battery, the jack handles, our 25’ fresh water hose, the TV coax cable, some tie-down bungees, a multimeter, a pair of work gloves and several power cords.  With the tools and drill stored here, it is necessary to access this space fairly often.  The table pole is anchored to the storage cover making it necessary to remove the table and pole to access the space below.  We wanted a quick method to access this space without removing the table and pole.

In this very first modification, the pole bracket was removed from the storage cover and placed on a block inside the compartment, under the lid.  Then a slot was cut in the storage lid, just the width of the pole, and about 3” front to back to allow the lid to “hinge” open.  The carpet was slit and refastened around this new slot providing a finished look.  Now the storage can be accessed very quickly by simply raising the front of the lid.  Even when the  lid needs to be removed completely, the table and pole stay in place providing a more rigid mounting platform and easy access to the storage space below.




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