Random thoughts – 1st night

26 03 2010

1)      It was VERY, VERY nice to crawl into an already made, comfy bed instead of making up the “boat bed” – especially when we arrived at the campsite after dark.

2)      It’s a completely different perspective with the camper on the truck – about 32” off the ground – than on the floor of the garage.  We definitely need to invest in stairs.  The small 2 step stool really isn’t safe, especially when the legs are sinking into muddy ground.

3)      Just like a cruise ship – you really need to “move in”.  We both had our clothes packed in duffle-type bags, as we’ve always done.  These bags are just too much to maneuver inside the camper.  We were constantly moving them up onto the bed when we wanted room at the dinette and down on the dinette when we needed to access the under-bed storage.  This morning before we left Trinidad we both unpacked, “moving in” to our home for the next 5 nights.  Hopefully less rearranging will be necessary tonight.

4)      There’s a lot of storage available!  I’m very, very surprised at the amount of space we still have available – and the amount of “stuff” we have packed.  We have groceries for about 12 meals, plenty of snacks, clothes for nearly 2 weeks, a case of beer, a couple bottles of wine, a gallon of anti freeze (in case we hit cold weather on the way home) a small tool kit, an electric drill and battery, a Mr. Coffee maker, normal “camp kitchen” items, the “shore connections”, an extension cord and water hose, the small BBQ grill, a spare propane tank, a 15” flat screen TV and we still have storage space!  Amazing!

5)      Talking about all our “stuff” – we installed air lift suspension bags on the truck 3 weeks ago when we were in Sheridan.  (thanks David!)  They make a huge difference.  We had minimally inflated the air bags when we left Conifer.  After driving down curvy and hilly 285 into Denver we stopped to add air.  With about 90 lbs of air the ride, feel and level of the truck is much, much better.

6)      As most of you know, we both can work from wherever we happen to be assuming there is wireless connectivity.  Wireless for us can come in the form of traditional Wi-Fi – offered by most of the RV parks these days – or Broadband cellular, in our case on the Verizon network.  This morning as we’re both working away on our laptops at the dinette, it becomes apparent that we are not in the “wireless age”…yet.  Plugged into a single 120V outlet we have the coffee pot, the small floor heater, the TV and two laptops.  Add to that an antenna wire that is draped over a ceiling hook to improve the Broadband connection, a wired mouse, a USB cable to pull pictures off of my phone, and the antenna wire for the TV and you can imagine what the camper looked like this morning!  But hey, it all worked!

7)      Using a battery powered drill to raise/lower the jacks is great!  I picked up a couple of 35 cent adaptors that fit into the manual crank socket on the camper jacks.  Instead of cranking each jack 100 or more turns by hand, we lowered and raised the jack stands in mere seconds.  Quite a nice time saver!




2 responses

26 03 2010

Yeah, you might as well “move in”, huh? You’ve always had to be so portable. Fill the drawers! I suspect more and more stuff will end up staying in the camper. Maybe even that lowest tier … “camping clothes”!

29 03 2010

Don’t know if you remember or not, when we had the pop-up, I had those plastic crates we could put our clothes in and slide them in and out, of the under seat and bed storage. Also had them for the canned food etc. Really worked well. Then you could fill them in the house, carry them out, and carry them in when you get home. Since I don’t know your storage space don’t know it it will work or not. Just HAVE FUN!!!!. Glad to hear Bud is doing OK. I know he is lonesome, but, he could go to senior center, or Vets. But, he has to decide.
Fun to hear from you and see your sites.

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