Review of Santa Fe Skies RV Park

27 03 2010

The Good Sam website lists the Santa Fe Skies RV Park as one of the best parks in the area and we would agree.  Their website says “beautiful panoramic view of the total Santa Fe area with unobstructed sunrise and sunset views from the Turquoise Trail!”  Maybe a bit over-the-top, but it is a good hilltop location – with views to the north of Santa Fe (especially nice at night with city lights) and to the south of Sandia Peak.  The main office building, built-in traditional New Mexico adobe has a registration office, very clean restroom and shower facilities and a large laundry room.  Behind is an enclosed courtyard connected to the small on-site restaurant and gift shop.   

The 98 sites are almost evenly split between pull-through and back-in accommodations.  All have water and power, most have sewer hookup and about 25% have patio or brick patios.  Many of the patio sites are in premium locations around the outside of the park. Sites are gravel and mostly flat.   

Almost all parks are advertising free Wi-Fi.  We don’t have much experience with RV parks (yet), but we have experienced the free Wi-Fi offerings in hotels and motels.  In many cases their system consists of a single, residential-type wireless access point.  With a fairly limited range, these systems offer good access in the hotel lobby and some number of rooms within the vicinity of the office.  Get too far from the lobby – and the Wi-Fi signal can become completely unusable.  My expectation is the same for RV parks – get too far from the main office and things fall apart.  But, here at Santa Fe Skies, they have obviously invested a great deal of time and money in making their system work across the park by utilizing several access points mounted on towers and buildings.  And, their investment works – we were able to stream video via Hulu last night with only a few short bandwidth pauses.  Quite impressive.  

We were also very impressed by the shower facilities.  Unlike some of the state park shower houses that we’ve used in the past – there were no coin slots, the area was 100% clean, and the shower curtains actually blocked your cloths and towel from getting wet.  A hot shower felt great after a day in the wind and dust!  

Here are a few pictures. There are lots and lots more on the Santa Fe Skies website.  This park rates a good “thumbs-up”. We would stop here again.  

Our site: Yucca-F


Our neighbors - nearly all big coaches


A patio back-in site




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29 02 2016
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