Good Morning from Truth or Consequences, NM

28 03 2010

The "elephant" in Elephant Butte

Truth or Consequences? Yep, that’s the actual name of this little town. Originally named Hot Springs, the town grew out of the New Mexico desert around a series of hot water springs . In the 1950’s, Ralph Edwards announced that he would air his radio program from the first town in the nation that renamed itself “Truth or Consequences” after his popular quiz show. Well, you can tell that Ralph spent some time here. In fact, he spent time in T or C for the next 50 years! Today, while there are still several hot spring spas operating in town, the most popular attraction is Elephant Butte Reservoir – an impound on the Rio Grande river – one of the biggest bodies of water in the southwestern US. Later this year, T or C becomes home to the world’s first spaceport, Spaceport America, where Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic will begin sub-orbital spaceflights available to the public.

Lakeside RV Park, T or C

We’re parked at Lakeside RV park, which as the name implies is close (but not beside) Elephant Butte Reservoir. In fact, you couldn’t even say lakeview. While we’re only about a half mile from the lake, the RV park is in a slight depression that limits the view to the neighboring RV’s, a storage facility and a large Cobalt boat dealer. I won’t write a separate park review because there just isn’t that much to say about this place. It’s functional, the bathrooms are clean, and the people are friendly. Like all of the other RV parks we’ve seen in the area, the park is gravel and sand, a few trees have been placed around between the sites and plenty of cactus fill in the other spaces. We’re right behind the main office, restroom/shower, laundry building so the traffic to this building would be bothersome on a busy weekend. There were even a few boats that pulled out before dawn – brrr…it’s got to be cold out on that lake at 34 degrees in the dark!

Our home for the night, Site #51

We’ll be having breakfast with my Uncle this morning and then headed to Balmorhea State Park – about 200 miles into Texas after we cross the state line near El Paso. Along the way, we’ll hit the southern end of I-25 – the highway that all of us “front-range” Coloradoans have learned to love and hate. I-25 stops about 80 miles south of here at Las Cruces where it joins I-10. We’ve traveled just over 600 miles and have about 900 left to go over the next 4 days. Texas, here we come!



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28 03 2010

Elephant butt. Well, it can’t all be exciting.

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