Greetings from the Texas Hill Country

30 03 2010

After leaving Balmorhea in west Texas, we’ve now arrived in the Texas Hill Country. The Hill Country is considered the most beautiful region in Texas by many, with forested, rolling hills, plenty of lakes and rivers and unique cities and towns. We’re near Kerrville, or about 500 miles from El Paso to the west and about 200 miles to Corpus Christi on the Gulf of Mexico to the east. Large towns in or near the Hill Country include Austin to the north and San Antonio to the south east. We’re only about 65 miles from San Antonio and will pass through today on our way to Corpus Christi.

Limestone formations of West Texas/Hill Country areas

We’re at Johnson Creek RV Resort, a medium size park with about 50 spaces. See the complete review of this park on a later blog posting.

We arrived here about 2pm after departing Balmorhea earlier than expected. The drive across was (and usually is) one of the least interesting of the trip. There’s just not much to see out there in west Texas. And, unfortunately we’ve seen very few wildflowers – Spring is slow arriving here in Central Texas.

Everything is going well with the truck & camper, and we’re beginning to get pretty good at the “depart camp” process including putting away all the “shore connections”, lowering and latching the pop-up roof, and stowing things so that they don’t shift in transit. Not that we haven’t forgotten a few things along the way – one roof tie-down for a couple hundred feet, an unlocked refrigerator door, an open propane bottle. But, nothing that has caused any problem. The set-up process is very smooth now – with full hookups everywhere, it’s very quick to get the hot water heater going, the water connection, electrical and TV cable plugged in. Lonie handles the interior items, pulling the jack cranks out, placing the stairs, cranking up the top and organizing the interior. Yes, we’re back to using the jack hand cranks – the one drill battery that we brought has given up – it lasted about 4 lower/raise sequences, but now we’re in need of a recharge.

We’re off toward San Antonio and then to Corpus Christi. The next posting will be from a beach on the Gulf Coast…



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