On the Road Again!

9 04 2010

1st Leg of the Return Trip

We’re back on the road! We’ve departed Harlingen and the Rio Grande valley headed north. It’s been a great time with friends and family, a fun trip across the border, a day at the beach on South Padre Island, a relaxing afternoon at Pepe’s on the River and other activities. As usual, there wasn’t time to do it all, but we’ve been away from home and work for over 2 weeks now and it’s time to get back to reality.

This morning in Harlingen dawns bright, clear and relatively low in humidity. We’re on the road by 10am, headed toward San Antonio and beyond to Kerrville for our first night. Our return will be more direct than the route down, instead of cutting across southern New Mexico, we’ll head directly to the Texas panhandle. We’re planning to overnight in Kerrville, Colorado City (near Abilene), and Raton, NM. On this first leg of the trip we’ll returning North to I-37 into San Antonio, then West on I-10 for about 100 miles before leaving the Interstates in favor of a more rural and direct route. In general, we’re headed for I-25 at Raton, NM. We’ll leave I-10 at Junction, TX; headed north toward Abilene, Lubbock and Amarillo. This is about the maximum distance that can be traveled across Texas, from the south eastern tip to the north western panhandle will be over 1000 miles before we leave Texas and enter New Mexico near Clayton. From there it will be a relatively short distance of only about 250 miles home.

This will be our second overnight near Kerrville. On the way down, our 2nd to last night was at Johnson Creek RV Resort. This time we’ll be stopping at By the River RV Park. Both are located to the west outside of Kerrville and both advertise either river view or riverside locations. More about By the River in a later review.




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