Good Morning from Lubbock

10 04 2010
Wind Generators in Texas Panhandle

Wind Generators in Texas Panhandle

Plans changed…we originally were planning to be on the lake in Colorado City, TX last night. But, looking at the mileage, we opted to be a few miles closer to home and reduce the drive-time today. Instead of 7 hours today, we’ll only have about 5 hours up to Raton, NM. Yesterday’s drive took us from the lush Hill Country of Texas to the western panhandle area. We’ve left behind the rolling hills, stark limestone cuts, trees and rivers for flat plains, tumbleweeds, oil rigs and wind generators. Texas leads the nation in the amount of wind power produced. (they have lots of flat, windy country here)

We’re at the Lubbock RV Park, on the north side of Lubbock just off of I-27, across from the Lubbock International Airport. The location is the only down-side to this park. It’s fairly noisy with freeway traffic, and an occasional aircraft departing or arriving at the airport. The park has about 90 sites, a group of about 30 near the office & clubhouse with mature trees. The remaining 60 sites are further from the road but without mature trees. The outdoor pool is right behind the office, but isn’t open yet. The clubhouse has a small library, a TV room, a fitness center and 4 private bathrooms with large, full size showers. There is no cable TV hookup, but 10 channels are available over-the-air. The paved streets and cement pads are level and wide. Each site has a small picnic table available. Overnight rates range from $34 to $28. Our site with electric, sewer and water is $28 less the 10% Good Sam discount.

This is the first park we’ve stayed at that offered Wi-Fi for a fee. Access is available free for the first 4 hours, after that there is a $5/day fee. You can also set up a pre-paid account for use at other Wi-Fi locations at Verizon Broadband coverage was very good in this location and we didn’t try the Wi-Fi.

We probably wouldn’t stay here again – the noise is a factor when you’re in a pop-up.  But, with a tailer, 5th wheel or coach, and parked a bit further away from the road – this is a great park.

We’ll *finally* leave Texas today, after covering almost 1000 miles since our departure from Harlingen. We’ll cross over into New Mexico near Clayton, just south of the Oklahoma panhandle and only about 50 miles from Kansas. We plan to stay near Raton tonight, then will turn north along I-25 for the final leg of the trip home. More from New Mexico…



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