Back in the Mountain West

11 04 2010
NRA Whittington Center

NRA Whittington Center

Good morning from Raton, NM. We are camped at a somewhat unlikely, but beautiful location in the National Rifle Association’s Whittington Center just south of Raton. Located on 33,000 acres in northern New Mexico, the center boasts the most complete shooting facility in the nation. And, they offer their primitive campsites, full-hookup RV sites and rustic cabins to the general public.

We’re in the East campground where all the sites are arranged around a central building with restrooms, showers and laundry facilities. Most of the sites are arranged in rows except for two outer sites, #35 & #36 that offer more privacy and great views off the top of the bluff. We’re in site #35 with beautiful views of the nearby foothills, the valley below and the mesas and volcano mounds to the east. Sunrise over the mesas was beautiful this morning. After experiencing our share of noisy, city RV sites, this location is a complete contrast. The only lighting in the campground was around the central building last night making for a beautiful starry, clear night. The temperature dropped to about 30 degrees last night, so the furnace ran occasionally. This morning, the only sounds we heard were birds in the trees.

We’ll have some breakfast, pack up and head north on I-25 today for the short drive home. It’s been a great trip – things have worked very well with the camper and truck. We are still working out the kinks in our arrive/depart check-list. Yesterday when leaving Lubbock we needed to move the truck slightly to reach the gray-water dump. This one additional task seemed to throw off all the others – we forgot to lock the refrigerator, an overhead light was left on, and the propane wasn’t turned off. So, it seems even with a lot of practice in the last 2 weeks, we still don’t have everything down “just right”. But, hopefully with lots more practice this summer, we’ll become experts.

Thanks for reading about the Texas Road Trip 2010 – it’s been fun sharing and documenting our adventures.




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11 04 2010

Welcome almost home. Yes, this last camp spot in Raton is about the closest it sounds like you came to “real camping”. Tho I’m not sure I would be inclined to strike up any conversations with NRA neighbors!

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