Additional Power Outlet

15 04 2010

During our first camping trip, the Texas Road Trip 2010, it became obvious that only one kitchen AC outlet was going to be inconvenient at best.  During this chilly time of year, we were using a small electric heater to keep the camper toasty warm.  This portable heater along with the automatic coffee pot caused the 15 amp breaker to blow as soon as the coffee pot kicked on each morning.  And, the tangle of wires running to our laptop computers on the table made movement around the camper nearly impossible. 

 The factory had prewired this camper for an external, rear air conditioning unit.  This circuit wasn’t in use and terminated at a convenience outlet inside the rear section of the dinette seat.  In order to separate our two high power loads (coffee pot and electric heater) plus give us a more convenient place to plug in the laptops, I  added a new convenience outlet inside the front storage unit, next to the water tank.  An air gap under the storage door provides a short, safe path for the heater cord.  It also provides a convenient place for the laptop cords, eliminating them from hanging across between the table and the kitchen outlet.

 Initially I was going to just splice the new outlet into the existing A/C circuit wiring.  But, upon closer examination, it appeared fairly easy to replace the wiring that was tied into the power unit (AC breakers, 12V fuses and battery charger).  By removing the front panel and  a few screws from the power unit, I was able to slide it out of the cabinet and into the camper.  This provided access to the breaker connections.  Cutting the existing wiring where I wanted to place the new outlet, I replaced the wire from the power unit to the new outlet and then tied the existing wire back in.  This provides two outlets on this 15 amp circuit plus the existing kitchen outlet on its own 15 amp breaker.




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15 09 2010

Nice web site guys!
(We met at Collegiate Peaks campground).


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