Lake Pueblo State Park

21 06 2010

This last weekend we were at Lake Pueblo State Park.  One of the largest lakes along the front range, Lake Pueblo typically warms up first making it a good early season destination.

This is also the first time we’ve combined the camper and the boat. 

Since the camper extends about 10 inches beyond the rear bed of the truck, we purchased an 8″ hitch extension from JC Whitney.  Sliding the extension into the hitch receiver on the truck and the ball into the extension one day before departure, I discovered the ball piece of the hitch was about 1/4″ too long.  This extra length prevented the pin from locking the two hitch pieces together.  I quickly called the welder/metal workers in the local area and located Ben’ Jamin metal works. It turns out that Ben is located very close, and offered the use of his metal band saw that quickly cut the hitch to the proper size.  Ben does beautiful metal work, his website can be found here  Ben’Jamin Custom Metal Works.

Along with the extension, I stopped by U-Haul to pick up light wiring accessories knowing that the new length would require a bit of rewiring of the trailer wiring.  It wasn’t until we went to hitch things up that we discovered the safety chain and brake cable also needed more length.  Quickly customizing the safety chain by moving it to one side, we were soon on the road for Lake Pueblo. 

At the lake, we had reserved campsites #459 & #460.  One pull-through on the outside of the loop and one back-in inside site gave us plenty of room for the two campers, the boat, the jetski and the two trucks.  Another “first” was accomplished this weekend, we removed the camper and used it off-the-truck. 

Fathers Day weekend turned out to be very busy at Lake Pueblo.  Most of our day was spent in the wakeless cove to the south of the marina, listening to music, swiming and watching the cliff jumpers.



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