Brrrr from Trinidad Lake

24 03 2011

Carpos Ridge Site #6

We arrived in Trinidad about 8pm, and at site #6 in Carpos Ridge campground about 8:20.  This full-hookup site is very similar to site #3 where we stayed last year, but a bit further from the entrance road and lights of the park offices.  I think it’s a better site.  After lowering the jacks for stability and making our power/water connections we enjoy a Margarita and hot bowl of hearty split-pea soup.  There is great over-the-air digital TV service for a few channels which provides about an hour’s worth of Jay Leno entertainment before bed.

The forecast was for a low of around 22 last night – the outside thermostat didn’t register below 30, but it’s somewhat protected between the truck bed and the front wall of the camper.  I suspect it was closer to 22 since our water hose was frozen this morning.  Fortunately I’d moved the water filter and pressure regulator  inside for the night so after about 30 minutes of direct sunshine, our water is flowing again.  I had also drained the hot water heater after noticing a slight leak around the anode rod/plug.  Reapplying some Teflon tape and some good hard twists have hopefully corrected the leak. 

Carpos Ridge Campground

Both of our T-mobile cell phones have full service bars, but the Verizon Broadband card only shows 1 or 2 bars.  Internet connectivity isn’t great, but allows us to check email and even attend a short webinar.  Exploring the campground a bit, we notice there are a lot of neighbors.  All of the full-hookup sites are taken and about 6 of the electric-only sites are also occupied.  There’s even one site with a tent!   The camper service building which was closed last year due to frozen pipes is partially open providing two bathrooms complete with a large heated changing area, toilet, sink and pay-showers.  (3 minutes for a quarter). 

We’re headed to Santa Fe tonight, and the weather forecast shows strong winds over Raton pass and into the Santa Fe area.  By 11;00 when we are all packed up and ready to leave Trinidad, the winds have really cranked up.  It’s going to be a windy passage into New Mexico!

Trinidad Lake




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