We’ve blown into New Mexico

24 03 2011

Rancheros de Santa Fe

Just as the forecast said, it was very windy over Raton Pass and all the way to Santa Fe.  And, of course it can never be a tail-wind, it always seems to be a headwind on this part of I-25.  We watched as our “acceptable” gas mileage in double digits eroded down into single digits.  But, fortunately today’s drive was fairly short, just under 200 miles.

By 3pm we’ve arrived at Rancheros de Santa Fe Campground just north of the main exits into downtown Santa Fe.  It’s an older campground but many of the sites have unique character and appeal.  We’re in site #7, a few hundred feet from the main office and shower house.  As seems typical at this time of year, construction is underway replacing some type of pipeline down the main road.  I’ve been assured by the owner that they will be gone shortly – not only is the job very noisy, but it’s creating a nice dust cloud in the constantly blowing wind. 

There’s a lot to explore here – so more tomorrow morning from along the Santa Fe trail and Historic Route 66.



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