Pepe’s is No More

4 04 2011

Pepe's Flooding, July 2010

One of our favorite diversions while in South Texas is Pepe’s Riverside Bar & Grill located along the banks of the Rio Grande in Mission, TX. With water from the river literally lapping at the patio, the huge unenclosed palapa covered a large dance floor with a stage and surrounding tables. Winter Texans came from miles around to enjoy the music, burgers and cold beers at Pepe’s. Unfortunately the floods of July, 2010 may have seen this landmark begin to fade away. With water nearly up to the thatching of the palapa, all electrical, plumbing and appliances stood in flood waters for over 30 days. Today when we visited, the gates are locked, there’s a small For Sale sign nearby and the weeds have been allowed to take over the parking lot.

The Riverside Club

Just upstream from Pepe’s is the Riverside Club. Formerly an events center for special occasions and private parties, the Riverside Club appears to have adjusted their operating hours for more frequent openings to former Pepe’s customers. The main dance hall is similar in size to Pepe’s, but built from a modern, clean metal structure with huge garage doors on two sides that can be opened up to the river breezes. Replaced wood paneling about 3 feet from the floor remind of the flood waters here. Today when we were there, with temperatures over 90, the doors were closed and the air conditioning was keeping the dance floor and table area comfortably cool. Outside, closer to the river is a large grassy area and several covered picnic tables for those that prefer the river experience. While not quite as rustic as Pepe’s, the Riverside Club is a great facility with friendly staff, good bar food and the most important, cold beers. Hopefully they will be around for a long, long time.

Mission, TX - 14 Jul 2010 - Margaret Jackson, left, and Cindy Frey walk out from the Riverside Club as water from the Rio Grande River flooded the area Wednesday morning in Mission. Photo by Gabe Hernandez/

Mission, TX - 14 Jul 2010 - A sign is displayed as water from the Rio Grande River rises near the office from Chimney Park RV Resort Wednesday morning in Mission. Photo by Gabe Hernandez/

Mission, TX - 14 Jul 2010 - Gordon Rudd helps move a friends golf cart from flooded water Wednesday morning at Chimney Park RV Resort in Mission. Photo by Gabe Hernandez/




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