Back in Colorado

23 04 2012

Spanish Peaks

After exploring a bit of the northern New Mexico area, we’ve returned to Colorado.  Following what was an alternate route from the historic Santa Fe Trail, we’ve traveled along the eastern bank of the Rio Grande and crossed La Veta pass on the Taos Trail.  A major landmark on both trails were the Spanish Peaks.  These two (13,000+) mountains are visible from as far away as Colorado Springs to the north, Alamosa to the west and Raton, NM to the south.  Early Ute Indian settlements called the mountains Huajatolla (pronounced Wa-ha-toy-a), meaning “two breasts” or “Breasts of the Earth” for the clouds and life giving rain that came from the mountains.  

In the valley below Spanish Peaks is Lathrup State Park, the oldest state park in the Colorado system.  Two small lakes at Lathrup (Martin and Horseshoe) make the perfect backdrop to 4 campsite loops.  With over 100 sites ranging from primitive tent sites up to 50amp “Big Rig” sites, there are plenty of great private,  sunny sites. 

Site #84 Lathrup State Park

We’re parked in site #84, on the D loop.  This outer site is a long, nearly level pull-thru site.  The RV sites all offer electric hook-ups, but water taps are scattered throughout the park.  Some sites are close enough that you could stretch a hose across for water, but you might get a warning from a park ranger to “share” the water.  Each loop has a handicap accessible campsite or two and modern, clean shower facilities.  There is also a dump station on the main road into the campgrounds. 

Site #84 Lathrup State Park

Apparently no over-the-air TV signals make their way from Walsenburg, but the cellular coverage on both T-Mobile and Verizon was full bar-2G.  It’s very quiet in the park this Sunday afternoon, we have only one other neighbor on the D loop.  After wandering through the park, enjoying a tasty dinner and some (downloaded) TV, we’ll plan to head home tomorrow morning.  It’s been a fun “New Mexico Loop” trip.




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