Meadow Ridge, Rampart Reservoir

9 06 2012

Views from Rampart Range RdIn a long planned weekend camping trip, we’re at Meadow Ridge federal campground just NW of Woodland Park, CO.  This is a smaller campground with only about 20 sites around a single loop.  The sites are nicely spaced and an abundance of long needle pine and aspen trees provide good privacy for most.  We’re in site #10, a very level asphalt pad about 25 feet deep.  The pad is elevated and enclosed on one side and the back with a fence which could prove troublesome to larger rigs.  At the rear of the pad are 6 or 7 steps leading down to a gravel picnic table and fire pit area.  Our friends are next to us in site #9 that has only 3 steps down to the picnic table & fire pit area.  Without the safety fence this site is more “big-rig” friendly.  Their F-150 pickup and 27 foot Kodiak camp trailer just fit on the pad.

Having called the forest service yesterday, we confirmed that campfires would be allowed and potable water was available.  Upon arrival and after checking in with the campground host, we inquire as to the location of water.  She tells us there is no water available.  They have water at the pump, but they have not tested the water or the distribution system this year.   So, we drop off the bikes and some camp gear and make the trip back toward Woodland Park.  It’s a fairly short trip, probably only about 12 miles each way.  However, about 4 or 5 miles is on a rough, dusty, dirt road. Arriving back at our site about an hour later, we’re ready for some cold beverages and relaxing.

Site #10, Meadow Ridge

SIte #9, Meadow Ridge

Rampart Reservoir

On Saturday we bike over to Thunder Ridge campground, just down the road from Meadow Ridge. Campsites #12  & #13 offer great privacy and views of the Rampart Reservoir.  Returning to camp, we explore the area a bit more on a hike down to the reservoir on a steep, short trail.  On Sunday we enjoy breakfast, pack up and head home.

Site #12, Thunder Ridge

Site #13, Thunder Ridge

EDITORS NOTE:  On Saturday, June 23rd, the Waldo Canyon fire started between Manitou Springs and Woodland Park.  By Wednesday, after burning nearly 18,000 acres it appears that the campgrounds of Meadow Ridge and Thunder Ridge have both been consumed by the fire.

Waldo Fire, June 27th




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21 07 2012

I camped at Meadow Ridge two nights before the fire. Such a bummer- what a beautiful area.

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