Good Morning from Redstone, CO

18 08 2012
Redstone Inn

Redstone Inn

After a late departure yesterday afternoon, and a nearly 4 hour drive, we’re south of Glenwood Springs in the Crystal river valley at the Redstone Federal campground. The 35 sites are organized around 3 different loops. We’re in a shared site (#3 and #4) to the right of the main entrance and about a half mile away from the village of Redstone. Sites along this loop provide gravel back-in and pull through driveways, fire pits and picnic tables. Threaded water faucets are scattered throughout the campground with one close enough to easily stretch a 75’ hose to refill our tanks. The two upper loops (Osgood and Allgier) provide 30 Amp electrical. There are very clean pit toilets and solar showers available. We’ve driven out of cellular phone and broadband internet coverage at Carbondale, so there will be no email or phone calls for the remainder of the weekend.

On Saturday we take the short bike ride into the charming village of Redstone. We wander through some of the shops and art galleries and end up on the back patio of the Redstone Inn for a cold beverage. The Inn and many of the homes in town were provided to coal miners by John Osgood the founder of the Colorado Fuel and Iron company. Using “welfare capitalism”, Mr. Osgood provided the primitive homes, stores and even heath care for his workers. The Redstone Inn, originally a 40-room dormitory, housed the single men while married men were provided a small village home. Meanwhile, Osgood built Cleveholm Manor for himself, the “Redstone Castle”, a 42 room Tudor style mansion just south of town. The Castle was part of the 72-acre estate that also included servants quarters, a gamekeepers lodge, carriage house and a greenhouse. Mr. Osgood made his fortune while controlling workers, fighting against unions and aggressive takeover bids by powerful east coast companies. In 1903 the billionaire John D Rockefeller successfully won the stock war and took over CF&I. Osgood died at Cleveholm in 1926.

On Sunday we return home, with a brief stop at Grizzly Creek rest area in Glenwood Canyon and another stop at the rest area in Edwards (MM160) where potable water and free RV dump facilities are provided.




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