Biking the Gorge

29 09 2012
Rio Grande Gorge

Rio Grande Gorge

After a beautiful New Mexico sunset, dinner and relaxing on our shared patio, it’s a quiet evening under the clear, starry Taos sky.  Today we’re headed to the Rio Grande Gorge for a bike ride along the western rim.  About 12 miles west of Taos is one of the largest suspension bridges in the nation spanning the Rio Grande river.  The bike path runs south from the gorge rest area along the western rim.  The trail starts as a single gravel track from the rest area, then joins with a rough jeep trail providing double paths in some areas.  There’s not much elevation change along the rim, but there are some technically challenging areas with fields of volcanic rock and gravel.  A mile or so from the bridge, the path is close enough to the rim for great views back to the bridge and down the gorge to the south. The trail continues for about 8 miles, we managed 6 of those for a total ride of about 12.

On the way back to Taos we stopped at the newly opened Taos Mesa Brewing  for a sampling of all 12 beers on tap.   All selections are from New Mexico, 3 brewed onsite at Taos Mesa and the remainder from Santa Fe Brewery, Chama River Brewing, La Cumbre Brewing, Marble Brewing and Abbey Brewing.  We also enjoyed snacking on the excellent green chili and corn fritters with specialty dipping sauces.  After leaving the brewery we drove up to the Taos Ski area to look around before returning to the RV Park.  We were once again treated to a gorgeous sunset and a cool, clear starry sky.  Tomorrow we’ll pack-up and move about 4 hours north and closer to home.  We plan to be at Chalk Creek RV park south of Buena Vista in time to catch at least part of the Denver Bronco game.  More from there…

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