The Road to Presidio

14 03 2013
Rio Grande

Rio Grande

Today we traveled the famed River Road, Farm to Market 170 often selected as one of the most scenic drives in Texas. Skirting the Rio Grande for 50 miles from Lajitas to Presidio the road wanders along the river crooks and rock cliffs, sometimes low in the canyon, sometimes climbing to dramatic vantage points. Leaving Lajitas and entering the Big Bend Ranch State Park, you come first to the small ghost town of Contrabando. The site is open to the public and has been used as a set for several movies including the Lonesome Dove miniseries. Further along, only 16 miles east of Presidio, is the small farming community of Redford. Presidio is the only international commercial crossing between El Paso and Del Rio. Much of the commerce comes from sister city Ojinaga, Mexico, a community isolated from the rest of Mexico by the extremely rough terrain of the Sierra Madre mountains. Presidio is an ideal “resupply” location for long stays in the Terlingua/Lajitas areas with a couple gas stations, a few auto parts stores, a Thriftway food market and a handful of restaurants.

Rio Grande

Rio Grande

Rio Grande

Rio Grande




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