Biking to Tower Arch

12 05 2013
Tower Arch

Tower Arch

On Sunday we trade transportation modes from hiking to biking.  Beginning on the main paved road out of the campground, we descend toward the turnoff to the Salt Valley road which is about 1 mile away.

After hitting the turn-off for this gravel road, we continue on a fairly quick decent (about 3 miles) to the floor of the valley. From here, across rough dirt roads and some sand washes, it’s about 6 more miles to the trail head for Tower Arch.  The 5 mile hike the day before and the nearly 10 miles into this point (plus the 10 miles back out) convince all of us that the 3 mile hike to Tower Arch will be left for another visit. We find some rare shade to rest and rehydrate before beginning our trek out of the Salt Valley.

After a very strenuous ride (and a bit of walking) up the hill, we’re back at the campsite by around 3pm ready for relaxation, some cold drinks and a tasty dinner.  Tomorrow we’ll pack and up head for home with an intermediate stop in Glenwood Springs.  More from there…




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