Yellowstone Geysers & Mudpots

4 09 2013

Today is much more casual than our grand (long) touring day yesterday.  We relax around the campground until about 11AM when we head out to see some of the sights we bypassed.  The first stop is Biscuit Basin with beautiful Sapphire Pool and Mustard Spring.  Then on to Midway Geyser Basin with Excelsior Geyser pouring over 4000 gallons of mineral rich water into the Firehole River each minute and the 121-foot deep Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest in Yellowstone.  Finally, Lower Geyser Basin home to Fountain Paint Pots and Fishhole Lake.  Combined the Lower Geyser Basin pumps over 15,000 gallons per minute into the Firehole River.

With a dry, rain free afternoon (the first since we arrived) we decide to return to Grant Village around 5pm and explore the campground a bit more.  After walking several of the other site loops, it has become apparent that we have the best locations with privacy and lake views.  There are 5 great spots, 305, 301, 299, 297 and 295.  Our site, # 297 gets slightly lowers marks only because of poor drainage that leads to ankle deep puddles and muddy conditions at the camper door.  With less rain, it would be a perfect spot.




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