Silver City RV Park, Silver City, NM

13 03 2014
Little Toad Creek Brewery  & Distillery, Silver City, NM

Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery, Silver City, NM

The drive over to Silver City was an interesting mix of flat desert and hilly forest.  Once across the New Mexico state line, most of our travel is within the Gila National Forest with beautiful vistas out across a somewhat dusty plain.

We’re parked at the Silver City RV Park, a small, compact park right in the heart of downtown Silver City.  Some reviews have said this place is a bit too noisy because it’s in town, but what it may lack in quietness it more than makes up for in convenience.  The sites offer full hookups including 25 TV channels. There is park provided WiFi, but so far the speed has been less than impressive.

After checking email and doing a couple hours of work, we decided to walk over to Bullard  Street, the main street of Historic Silver City.  Each side is lined with interesting cafe’s, art galleries and old hotels.  We ended up at the Little Toad Creek Brewery and Distillery for a couple rounds of their craft beer and some snacks.

It’s an early evening after some TV and a nice hot shower.  More from Silver City tomorrow!

Silver City, NM

Silver City, NM




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