Another Night in Silver City

14 03 2014
Silver City RV Park

Silver City RV Park

We’ve stayed one more night at the Silver City RV Park.  There are several other RV places in the area, some with better ratings than this little park.  But, all of the others are outside of town, and we wanted to be within walking/biking distance to the old town area.  Located between 13th and 14th along Bennett St, the park offers about 40 sites, many with long-terms residents.  We’re parked in site #8, right along 13th Street which dead ends into the Big Ditch.  There are a few sites (#1 & #2) that back up to the ditch, one with its own private overhanging “verandah”.  In general the sites are tight, but the park is neat and tidy, with a clean shower house and laundry room.  As is typical, the free WiFi service is spotty at best.  And, we found that while the Verizon 3G data signal was strong, there was barely any bandwidth provided.  Apparently the downtown network is completely saturated because we noticed good data rates as we left town.  The best option here ended up being tethered to our T-Mobile 4G phones.

This “Big Ditch” (couldn’t they come up with a nicer name?)  is a deep and wide arroyo that flows right through the middle of town and was originally Main Street.  With inadequate local drainage and the forests of the surrounding hills being slashed for building and mining, Main Street was turned into the “big ditch” as flood waters washed through in the early 1900’s.  Buildings that remained standing along Main St. were reversed, their front doors moved to Ballard St, the back doors opening to the big ditch.  Today there is an odd mix of natural beauty and urban trashiness that appears in and along the ditch.

We’re off to the El Paso, TX area later today…more from there.

Silver City RV Park

Silver City RV Park

Silver City RV Park

Silver City RV Park

Big Ditch History

Big Ditch History




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