Chimney Park RV Resort, Mission, TX

24 03 2014
Chimney Park RV Resort

Chimney Park RV Resort

Ever since we first visited the riverside area in Mission, we’ve wanted to stay at Chimney Park.  On the “mexico-side” of the flood-control levee, this RV park is closer to Mexico than it is to downtown Mission.  The 106 feet tall, 6 feet in diameter brick chimney is all that remains of the 1907 wood-fired steam pump.  Important to the agricultural economy along the river, the pump provided irrigation water and was used until the mid 1900’s when Falcon and Anzalduas Dams were constructed.

Today, Chimney Park RV Resort is a modern, 270+ site RV park on the banks of the Rio Grande, just south of the town of Mission, TX.  PARK MAP  The sites provide electric, water and sewer hookups.  While none of the sites are huge, those along the levee tend to have the fewest neighbors, so provide the most open feel. Riverside sites #71-#81 are dotted with large park models that provide an even tighter feel.  Over the course of the last year, sites #72, #74 & #76 have become occupied with park models.  We’re in site #77, which is tight next to the park model in site #76, but provides a nice lawn area on the river and dual driveways.  Site #78 is also ideal, because of extra side-yard space behind the chimney.  Site #79 & #81 also have park models.

The Border Patrol has a small base of operations on the other side of the boat ramp.  We’ve seen up to 4 of their patrol boats launch in the late afternoon and return in the early morning hours after all-night surveillance along the river.  On a few particularly “active” nights, the speed boats were joined by helicopters swooping low overhead, making things a bit noisy.

The park provides Free WiFi which works fairly well.  There is no Cable TV, but most network channels are available over the air.  The facilities such as the pool area, common restrooms/showers billiards hall and laundry room are in good shape.  With new owners in the last 12 months, the park has some work to do to stay competitive with services and infrastructure of other parks in the area.  With a riverside site, we’d probably stay here again.  If no riverside sites are available, we might be tempted to move somewhere else in the area that has easier access (driving over the levee could be a challenge for some longer/lower rigs), quieter nights and better TV service.  After 4 nights in Mission, we’re headed to Tropic Winds in Harlingen.  More from there…




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