Tropic Winds, Harlingen, TX

25 03 2014
Tropic Winds RV Resort

Tropic Winds RV Resort

After one of our shortest ‘travel days’, we’ve driven the 50 miles or so down to Harlingen, TX and are parked at Tropic Winds RV Resort.  Tropic Winds is a large RV park with about 350 sites and home base to many “Winter Texans” that start arriving from northern locations as early as October and stay through April or May.  By the time we arrive this time of year there are always a number of the big RV rigs that head north each morning.  With winter continuing to linger in northern areas this year, we’re not sure why there’s such a hurry to leave Texas!

We were here last year for a couple of stays before and after being on South Padre Island. We’ll do the same this year, a couple of days here before moving out to SPI, then a couple of days back at Tropic Winds before beginning our trip back to the north. Harlingen is a great resupply stop with everything from specialty RV suppliers to fully stocked hardware outlets and great HEB grocery stores.  We’ll take advantage of this to resupply, complete some minor maintenance and catch up on laundry before heading out to the Island.

Tropic Winds RV Resort

Tropic Winds RV Resort




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