Isla Blanca Park, South Padre Island

28 03 2014
Site C321, Isla Blanca Park

Site C321, Isla Blanca Park

We’ve finally arrived in Paradise – well at least some consider it a paradise! We’re parked on the far south end of South Padre Island in site C321 at Isla Blanca Park. Incorporating over 600 RV sites, numerous tent sites, a boat ramp, the northern jetty on the Brownsville Ship Channel and two beach areas with pavilions, this is a huge park.

We were here last year and scouted most of the really great sites with views out over the beach and/or channel.  We’re staying 2 weeks this year which limits our choices of sites somewhat. But, we end up on two great end locations, very, very tight if you have site neighbors, but great as the park empties out.   As with last year, most of the sites with direct views of the channel across from us are full, most with Winter Texans that we met last year.  Just as at Tropic Winds, there are a number of departures each day.  But, unique to this place, there are summer residents moving in.  In the premium sites, there is rarely more than a few days between when the winter resident departs and the summer resident arrives.  It seems that throughout the park nearly everyone is either  in the process of packing up, or of unpacking.

Many that we’ve talked to along the Rio Grande Valley have dismissed this year’s winter as a bit of a bust related to weather. Most regard it as a lot better than “up north”, but certainly not what they are used to in terms of  nice days. One SPI local says they haven’t managed to string 3 nice days together all winter.  And, the weather still seems a bit erratic, being cold and blustery one day, foggy another, then hot and humid before turning cold and rainy again.  But, it’s still better than the 30 degrees and 12 inches of snow forecast for home!





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