Wichita Falls RV Park

19 04 2014
Wichita Falls RV Park

Wichita Falls RV Park

Leaving Arkansas we’ve headed directly west across northern Texas, parallel to the Red River which forms much of the Texas/Oklahoma border.  The Red River is an actual river here on the east side of Texas, much different than the dusty gorge that we expect to see in the panhandle area.  After entering Arkansas just north of Texarkana, the river turns south and flows across Louisiana where it joins the Mississippi north of Baton Rouge.  It’s considered the southernmost major right tributary of the Mississippi.

About 300 miles west, we’re parked at the Wichita Falls RV Park by around 3PM.  This is an older park, but the mature trees and grassy areas in between the level well-spaced gravel pads make it pleasant retreat in the busy city.  We’re parked in site #15, right across from the office and as-of-yet, unopened pool.  There’s a small fishing pond behind us and the Wichita River runs across the north edge of the property. Over half of the parks 100+ sites appear to be long-term residents, however the largest and most central sites are available for overnighters. Our site offers full hookups including sewer and about 65 cable TV channels.  Tomorrow we’ll continue across north Texas, with our goal being about 300 miles further west around Dalhart.  More from there…




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