River Dance RV Resort, Gypsum, CO

5 05 2014
River Dance RV, Gypsum, CO

River Dance RV, Gypsum, CO

We’re about 4 hours east of Dead Horse Point State Park, parked at River Dance RV Resort in Gypsum, CO. Incorporated in the early 1900’s, Gypsum grew out of the industry that makes dry wall.

Gypsum got a further boost to the economy when thousands of transportation workers began arriving in 1979 to work on the 13-year Glenwood Canyon interstate project. This park was probably carved out of space directly next to the river to make room for workers temporary housing or to act as a staging area for the highway building project.  There are about 40 sites organized around an oval loop, most with electric and water.  On the east end there is an additional loop of what were once more RV sites, some still with the picnic table setting among the overgrown weeds and shrubs.  Some these old sites back up directly to the river and would be premium sites for dry RV or tent camping.

There are clean bathrooms, showers and a laundry facility available.  There’s also a beautiful river-facing deck that looks ideal for enjoying a cold beer on a warm afternoon.  But, with what appears to be only a short reprieve from winter, it might be a few weeks before the party deck is open.  The park offers WiFi, which we didn’t use, and has fairly good Verizon cellular coverage.  We couldn’t find any over the air TV channels.  Tomorrow we’ll make the short 2 hour drive home.

River Dance RV, Gypsum, CO

River Dance RV, Gypsum, CO

River Dance RV, Gypsum, CO

River Dance RV, Gypsum, CO




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