Boats, Bands and BBQ – Pueblo

6 06 2014
Boats, Bands and BBQ, Pueblo

Boats, Bands and BBQ, Pueblo

This weekend we’re attending the Boats, Bands and BBQ festival along the Arkansas Riverwalk in downtown Pueblo. We’re parked at Lake Pueblo, in the Arkansas Point Campground near the South Marina.  Sites #48 and #50 are large sites offering electric services and great views across to the lake and dam.

This is one of the first times we’re not camping on the northern shore, and provides a unique view of the lake and easy access to downtown Pueblo.  The Riverwalk area is quite a surprise, Pueblo has made amazing progress in this area with inviting restaurants, pubs and green belt areas along the original course of the Arkansas.  In 1920, the river was diverted out of town due to devastating floods that destroyed much of Pueblo.  The Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (HARP) returns the river to the original course, along with modern flood controls.  The relatively new development has renewed the formerly derelict and disrespected areas of old-town.

The BBQ is good, the bands are never-ending and we have a great afternoon in downtown Pueblo.

Sites #48, from

Site #48, from


Site #50, from





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