Lewis Park, Wheatland, WY

9 08 2014
Lewis Park, Wheatland, WY

Lewis Park, Wheatland, WY

We’re parked in one of the 10 free sites at the City Park in Wheatland, WY.  This park is located east of town, bordered by 8th St and just south of South Street.  The 10 RV sites and a few tent sites are located along the south side of the park, under huge old cottonwood trees.  On Saturday when we arrived, the park was quite busy, several group pavilions were packed, kids were using skate board area and one of the Platte Country Sheriff candidates held a rally at the small amphitheater.  There are also two baseball fields further to the south.

If arriving to Wheatland via I-25, the best way across town is on Gilchrist St then south on 8th Street.  There’s a water fill on the right as you enter the park.  There are also a few other water faucets scattered around the park, however the internal roadways are fairly narrow, so they could be a challenge for all but the smallest RVs.  The city asks for donations to support the RV sites – your donation can be left in the tube next to the water faucet.  Each of the RV sites have 30 amp electrical service, some (possibly all) have 50 amp available.    There are two restroom houses and showers can be purchased for $1.00 at the city pool on the SW corner of the park.  There is also a free dump station available along the rail road tracks on 8th St.

Even with lots of people in the park on Saturday evening, things were quiet by 10pm and remained very quiet well after sunrise.  The only exception were two trains that passed with whistles blowing in the night.  This is great alternative to RV parks close to I-25 and the price is certainly right – we’d stay here again.




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