San Antonio Missions

27 03 2015
San Jose Mission, San Antonio

San Jose Mission, San Antonio

After departing Kerrville, we make the relatively short trip to Travelers World, a conveniently located RV resort just south of downtown San Antonio.  We’re back at Travelers World to explore more of the historic San Antonio River Missions and to spend some time downtown at the Riverwalk.  Last time here, we rode the updated river trail, but didn’t stop to explore any of the old Missions or go all the way into town.  This RV Park is an urban park and somewhat noisier than other more remote parks.  Although it backs to a beautiful golf course and river trail area, there is still some traffic noise from nearby Roosevelt Ave.  They also seem to have a real bias toward long term travelers. As a “2 or 3 nighter”, we’re once again relegated to the shortest, tightest spots in the park.  And, with nearly 10 sites empty, they also seem to have a propensity to put everyone side-by-side.  But, at least on this trip, the convenient location outweighs a bit of noise and tight sites. Plus, these are full hook-up sites including about 60 channels of cable – so very luxurious compared to sites we’ve been in over the last couple of weeks.

With a cold front threatening wet and windy conditions on Thursday, we work most of the day using the park’s complimentary Tengo Internet network.  Tengo has been installed at several of the RV Parks we’ve stayed at, and in general offer unimpressive results.  But, this time the WiFi works great with bandwidth transfers running along at around 6-8MB. By 2pm with the weather improving, we decide to go check out Mission San Jose along with the National Park Service Visitor Center for the San Antonio Missions.  We’re just in time to watch an informative video about past life in the missions and then join a guided tour of the old mission.  There are 4 other Missions that were originally built, or moved to the San Antonio area including the famous Alamo.  The Spanish used these Missions to entice the native Texan Indians out of their small, difficult to defend communities and into the relative safety of the missions.  In exchange they gave up their “pagan” religious practices in favor of Catholicism and their native languages and customs to become “Spanish”.

On Friday, after deciding to spend one more night in San Antonio, we join Dave and Mary for lunch and a relaxing, fun afternoon on the riverwalk.  We’ll pack up in the morning and make the 4 hour trip south into the Rio Grande Valley.




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