Historic Warships Tour, Brownsville

10 04 2015
Brownsville Shrimp Fleet

Brownsville Shrimp Fleet

Yesterday we sailed from the southern tip of South Padre Island all the way to the inner turning basin of the Brownsville ship channel with Breakaway Cruises.  The 13 mile deep-water channel provides access for cargo in and out of northern Mexican cities as well as US cities along the Rio Grande valley.  It also provides a safe harbor for what was once the nation’s largest shrimp fleet.  The channel is also the final segment for famous US Navy ships that are to be salvaged.  Earlier this year the Kitty Hawk class supercarrier USS Constellation was towed 16,000 miles from Bremerton, Washington, around the cape of South America and into Brownsville for dismantling and scrapping.  Along with the ex-USS Constellation, we saw the remaining hull of the USS Forrestal, and several other Navy ships, huge oil platforms and cargo ships loading and unloading.  This 4 hour tour includes a Shrimp Boil luncheon, including tasty shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes.  There is also complimentary beer and sodas or bottled water.  All for about $35/person, an interesting way to spend an afternoon on South Padre.




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