Wichita Falls & Palo Duro Canyon State Park

25 04 2015
Near Childress, TX

Near Childress, TX

After leaving Dallas we spend one night at Wichita Falls RV Park. After being here last year, we knew the park was a good option for a quick overnight.  This time we parked in a full hookup site which is a bit closer to the Wichita River bordering the property to the rear.  The fishing pond has been reduced to a muddy marsh due to what appears to be a rupture of the drain pipe that leads into the river.  The swimming pool also has some type of excavation work nearby.  Either they are making a major investment in this park, or it is slowly deteriorating.  We hope it’s the former, the park occupies an pleasant location along this portion of the Wichita River.

Ever conscious of the weather in North Texas this time of year, we expect that we’ll drive through some showers before crossing a dry-line that is expected to bring dryer and calmer conditions along our route. Unfortunately this clash of dry cool air and warm humid air can fuel thunderstorms along its path.  We encountered such a storm just SE of Childress, TX where we are forced to retreat about 20 miles and wait out the passage of the storm.  Continuing into the panhandle with very gusty winds we were glad to finally arrive at Palo Duro State Park.  Unfortunately our weekend in the Canyon isn’t to be – the campsites are already fully booked.  Right next door to Palo Duro State Park is a zipline company that offers some rather run down RV sites.  Not wanting to drive in the howling wind any further, we opt for one of these $25 full hookup sites and hunker down for the evening.  By morning the winds have subsided and we head west along I-40 into New Mexico toward Las Vegas, NM.  More from there…




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27 04 2015

So glad you found “shelter” We’ve been worried about you traveling in the RV. Those storm pictures are amazing & scary!!

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