Texas State Parks Recovering

31 05 2015

With torrential storms across Texas, by Memorial Day weekend over 50% of the Texas State Parks are reporting some amount of damage related to flooding. Over half of those parks are completely shut-down. During the early 2015 season we were at three of the parks that are reporting closures or some amount of damage.

At Bastrop State Park east of Austin, damage was severe as the earthen dam of Bastrop Lake failed and sent acres of water flowing through Copperas Creek. We were parked just along Copperas Creek on the 20th of April.

At Cedar Hill State Park just south of Dallas, not only has flooding been a problem, but there have been numerous tornadoes sighted near the park.  The swimming and day-use areas have been inundated by over 13 feet of water.  We camped at Cedar Hill on April 23rd.

Goliad State Park near Victoria, TX has seen rising levels of the San Antonio River, and currently have two of the tent-only campgrounds closed due to flooding.  There are also several trails under water.  We camped at Goliad on April 18th.




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