Custer Cove, Glendo State Park, Wyoming

25 07 2015

WP_20150717_002cAfter several attempts to find available walk-up sites at Custer Cove over the years, we’re finally camped at what we consider the prime lake-side sites at Glendo State Park, Custer Cove #3 and #4.  These two side by side sites provide plenty of space, privacy and easy access to the lake. We arrived last Thursday to occupy site #4.  However, pre-scouting earlier in the week undoubtedly secured this prime spot for us.  Thanks Shawn!  When we arrived site #3 was occupied, however within minutes of their departure on Sunday we’ve secured that spot for friends that will be joining us later in the week.  We also used site #6 for friends and family.  #6 isn’t a prime site since it’s located right on the entry road, but works well when paired with #4.  It has a fairly easy access pull-through, but doesn’t provide much in terms of shade or privacy.  And, with the wrong wind direction, might be a bit too close to the vault toilets and/or dumpsters.

Site #4 is a back-in site with nearby trees curb-side and the rather misplaced fire pit on the opposite side.  Allowing safe space for a campfire, we needed to trim a few tree branches to fully deploy our awning.   Behind the site is a sand and rock beach area with some nice shade trees and easy access to the water.  Site #3 provides either back-in access (down a very long access road) or a side approach that allows an RV to be parked sideways in the site.  This side to side orientation might not be easy for longer rigs, but does provide beautiful lake views from the patio/awning area.  The tighter trees on #4 also provide a bit better shading, #3 has full sun from early in the morning until at least mid afternoon.  The fire pit is much more appropriately located on #3.  This site is situated on a point, with sandy beach access to the rear and rocky lake access to the side. Both of these sites are away from all of the other Custer Cove sites and provide the best privacy.  Facilities at Custer Cove include a line of 3 or 4 dumpsters and some vault toilets. Drinking water (with threaded taps) is available at nearby Reno Cove, or back to the other side of the lake at Whiskey Gulch.

Arriving on Thursday and not departing until the following Sunday, we’ve spent 10 days dry camping – a new record for off-the-grid survival.  The 3G Verizon access is good and about 3 or 4 hours of generator usage each day provides all the resources we need for productive work days. But by around 3pm, with temps climbing into the low 90’s, we’re enjoying the shade of the cottonwoods on the beach and the cool lake waters. Most sites at Custer Cove are occupied by late Thursday evening. Departures seem to occur on Monday or Tuesday when the campground is the quietest until the crowds begin to arrive again on Thursday.  We’ve had a great time at Glendo, and look forward to returning next year!




One response

2 08 2015

What a beautiful, inviting lake
so pristine & quiet looking
Hope you’re having a great time

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