The Houseboat Capital of Canada

3 09 2015
Sicamous KOA

Sicamous KOA

We’ve just parked at the Sicamous KOA.  Situated on the Trans-Canadian highway, this is perhaps the nicest KOA we’ve enjoyed.  Set in a grove of huge old cedar and pine trees, the owners have done a great job of carving out very private and cozy RV sites with full hookups.  Complete with a swimming pool, store and cabin rentals, this campground is a bit on the rustic side, exactly how a place in the Canadian Rockies should be.

With over 600 miles of Shuswap Lake shoreline, the small town of Sicamous bills itself as the Houseboat Capital of Canada.  With beautiful tree covered mountains all around, Sicamous is certainly different than the Houseboat Capital of the US, Lake Powell. Shuswap Lake, the name derived from the First Nation people that hunted buffalo here,  is made up of 4 “arms” in roughly the letter “H”.  With over 120 square surface miles, the lake is one of the largest in British Columbia.  As with other large lakes, Shuswap enjoys a lake monster legend, this one affectionately named “Suswaggi”.   As with nearly all other places along Highway 1, we have excellent T-Mobile cell service here, but no over-the-air TV.  There is advertised campground provided WiFi, but we find none at our remote sites.

Tomorrow we’ll continue on Highway 1 to Hope, BC…more from there.




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