Hope, British Columbia

5 09 2015
Emory Bar RV Park

Emory Bar RV Park

Good Morning from Hope, BC

We’re parked at Emory Bar RV Park, in the Frasier River Valley, and about 10 miles from the small town of Hope, BC.  We left the Trans Canadian Highway at Kamloops in favor of a more direct route via Highway 5.  However, arriving at Hope, we’re back on Highway 1 for the short drive into the Valley.

Unfortunately with the highway comes the Canadian Pacific rail route. And, along this portion of the line, the need for plenty of power for the steep inclines to Kamloops.  The longer freight trains have 3 engines pulling, 1 center engine and at least 1 rear, pushing engine.  Powering through this narrow canyon, the trains first produce a low ground shaking rumble, followed by a few piercing whistles,  then a speech stopping roar as the triple engines, then the squealing wheels of the cars and finally the “pushers” make their way past.   All in all, quite a distraction from anything that you’re doing outside – and not all that good for sleeping inside either.  Those in our party reported somewhere between a few trains per hour to a few trains overnight – so obviously someone was able to sleep.

Emory Bar is a unique RV park.  The upper terraces, apparently for long term residents, offer beautiful sunny spots well protected by tall tree hedges.  The lower lots, seemly for shorter term residents, are set in the dense forest closer to the main highway.  Our sites provide electric and water, some others are dry, and many offer full hookups.  There is adequate T-Mobile service here, no through-the-air TV signals.  The on-site Hope River General Store is an interesting diversion.  Stocked with unique tourist gift items, a deli counter, plenty of food items, great  fresh fruits and vegetables and even a small restaurant.

We’re spending one night here before crossing the border back into the US.  More from Mablemount, WA, our first stop back in the states…



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