Santa Fe Skies RV Park

28 02 2016
Site I-4, Santa Fe Skies

Site I-4, Santa Fe Skies

Good Morning from Santa Fe, NM.
We’re parked at Santa Fe Skies RV Park, where we last visited in October on the way to Balloon Fiesta 2015. We first visited this park in 2010 when we were in the truck camper. The full review is here: SANTA FE SKIES

This park occupies a great location looking toward the north over Santa Fe.  The evening lights and the city in the rising sunlight is beautiful. The grounds are still well-kept and the showers & restrooms immaculately clean. They also seem to have a interesting growing collection of antique engines and road equipment. But, the formerly wonderful WiFi has been reduced to a network that doesn’t support much of anything. I connected, tried a few browser pages and quickly disconnected. We’re not sure if we were just in a prime spot back behind the registration building, or if the network maintenance has fallen by the wayside. However, just as back in October, this visit offered no solution to the WiFi problems other than a cellular connection. However, this is just a quick overnight. Tomorrow we’ll continue south to Albuquerque where we’ll turn west along I-40. Our next stop will be western New Mexico as we head toward Phoenix – more from there!




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