Riverfront RV Park, Yuma, AZ

6 03 2016
Riverfront RV Park, Yuma, AZ

Riverfront RV Park, Yuma, AZ

We’ve arrived in Yuma, the last stop before we turn back eastward and head for the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  We’re parked at Riverfront RV Park, on the banks of the Colorado River near old-town Yuma.  We selected this park for the large trees and its location near parks and walking/biking trails.  There are many newer RV parks out toward the foothills, the newer area of Yuma, but nearly all are directly on I-8 and provide few if any trees.  In exploring on Sunday we did find a very nice RV Resort called The Palms about 10 miles east of town along I-8.  But, with rates approaching $50/night, it’s a bit expensive and doesn’t get great reviews for cellular or WiFi access.

Riverfront RV Park is a unique mix of older and newer rigs, some of the trailers look like they will probably never go down the road again, some are brand new and look like they were just purchased and driven directly here. There are interesting antique cars, signs and farm implements scattered all around the property.  Sites run about $30/night, and as low as $10/night in monthly packages.  There’s no pool, no hot tubs and no onsite restaurant.  The small building across from the office doubles as a mail room along with a gathering spot for impromptu pot-luck dinners. The laundry room near the back of the property is nearly always busy (with a rate of only $1/wash)  and there’s a larger gathering hall next door that was used for a Tuesday morning breakfast and Tuesday evening bingo party.  Around this area are a few patios and 2nd story observation platforms, undoubtedly used for enjoying the sunny afternoons and evenings along the river.  But, most of these outdoor structures appear unused, perhaps a testament to the ongoing upkeep that is necessary with a park like this, or perhaps due to the changing interests of the residents.  Either way, this park may have a glorious past, but is quietly slipping into a less than glorious future.   Certainly property in this location could being high prices as the city is unable to expand either to the west due to the Mexican border nor to the north due to the Colorado River which creates the border with California.

We’ll be here a few days and plan to explore the old-town area and go across the border to the small Mexican town of Los Algodones, Baja Calfornia.  More from Yuma as we settle in here…




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10 03 2016
Wayne Hummel

Looks like a nice RV Park.. Don’t be in such a hurry and enjoy!!!!

We did get our Thailand Box of goodies. Some look a little weird but will give them a try. Coconut Flower Syrup suggested we use if as a replacement for honey — will save you some for your coffee. Tom Yum Soup Taro chips – vegetable root – they say tastes like potato – but we didn’t get much taste at all. Curry Paste – Coconut Crispy Rolls – cookies, but there again not much flavor. Jasberry Rice, purple . Thai Ice Tea packets and Dries Jack Fruit. We did et these and they tasted better than they smelled, but not much flavor. But, fun to try something different.


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