Farewell to Yuma

10 03 2016
Prison Hill Brewing Co, Yuma, AZ

Prison Hill Brewing Co, Yuma, AZ

After exploring some of the other RV parks on Sunday, we ended up in old town at the Prison Hill Brewery, named after the famous Wild West landmark, the Yuma Territorial Prison which operated from 1875 to 1909.  Located in an old building on Main Street, the brewery is the only craft brewer in town and in fact within 165 miles.  We enjoyed a few of their craft brews, along with an appetizer of of Poutine (fries smothered in cheese and brown Guiness gravy) and a plate of Fried Avocados.  The avocado’s were good, we weren’t impressed by their version of Poutine.  For an entree we enjoyed the Prison Hill Smoked Meat Plate – very good with 2 choices of meats and 2 choices of sides.

Los Algodones, MX

Los Algodones, MX

Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate early in the week – by late Sunday and all the way through mid-day Tuesday the winds howled and the dust blew.  We hunkered down, sealed everything as well as possible and waited out the storm.  The skies finally cleared on Wednesday and we decided to head across the border to Mexico.  From Yuma you actually cross the Colorado River into California, travel about 5 miles further along I-8 and then turn south to the border at Los Algodones.  Just before arriving at the gated crossing, there’s a huge parking lot – where nearly everyone parks for $6 and walks into Mexico.  There must be more pharmacies, dentists and optical offices here on the main street of Los Algodones than many large cities in the US.  The streets and stores are clean and English is being spoken everywhere.  Yelp had listed 5 of the best restaurants in town, we somehow managed to stumble upon #1, El Paraiso.  Tables are arranged throughout an open courtyard, with plenty of umbrellas for shade and seemingly plenty of wait staff.  Speaking Spanish to order or re-order a margarita and some snacks, our inquiries in Spanish were always met with responses in English.  Both US Dollars and Mexican Pesos appear on the menu, but USD are preferred.  2 Margaritas each, a bowl of chips and tasty salsa and carna asada Nachos set us back about $35.00.  Not inexpensive, but certainly not terrible either.  A quick stroll through the shops that surround the restaurant courtyard and we’re back to the border guard station.  Except, there’s a long line stretching at least a 2 blocks for those who are exiting Mexico.  The lesson here, order another margarita or two and wait for the 3pm departure line to ease a bit.  All in all, a very comfortable, easy and fun trip over the border into the small tourist town of Los Algodones.

El Paraiso Restaurant

El Paraiso Restaurant

One of the RV parks we didn’t visit earlier in the week is on the road between Yuma and the border crossing, Cocopah Bend RV & Golf Resort.  This park appears to have a bit more grass, and potentially would be a  bit less dusty during a windy period.  When we get back to Yuma, probably worth a check.

After talking with guys that were washing an RV in the park on Wednesday, we’re hoping they can fit us into their schedule for a truck and trailer wash before we leave Yuma.  Unfortunately we find out Riverfront RV Park doesn’t allow washes unless you’re staying at least 2 weeks.  Combined with the no-credit card policy when we check out, we think we’ll definitely find a different place to stay next time we’re in town.

Our next stop on the road to Texas will be southwest of Tucson at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.  More from the south Sonoran Desert…



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