Van Horn, Mountain View RV Park

17 03 2016
Mountain View RV, Van Horn, TX

Mountain View RV, Van Horn, TX

After leaving New Mexico we’ve spent two nights at Mountain View RV Park in Van Horn, TX.  We’ve stayed in Van Horn once before with the truck camper at what is now a former KOA.  Mountain View is the park you see from I-10 – looks nice with lots of pine trees.  But, after two nights we’re tired of the highway & train noise and dust.  Mountain View has normal sized spaces, nearly each has a pine tree, the hookup including cable TV are in the right place, for $38.50 per night.  Advertised as under new management, they operate under the “next space open” assignment technique, ensuring everyone is packed in as tightly as possible.

There are some east edge sites that would be a bit nicer, but apparently the electric doesn’t work in those.  There’s a good laundry room and plenty of showers.  Over 80% of the residents appear to be full-time residents – everyone mentions a pipe line that is being built in this part of Texas.  Our only outing was to Chuy’s, a local Mexican food restaurant that appears to be using a 1987 visit of John Madden to gain new customers.  It was very busy on this Friday night, so presumably one of the best places in town.  We initially ordered a Margarita and a Shiner Bock (a very popular Texas beer).  The response, “we’re out of both of those”.  Not sure how that’s possible…but, welcome to Van Horn!

Mountain View RV, Van Horn, TX

Mountain View RV, Van Horn, TX




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22 03 2016

Thanks for the warning. Ya gotta have a cold beer in West Texas!!

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