Hidden Valley RV Park, Del Rio, TX

22 04 2016
Hidden Valley RV Park

Hidden Valley RV Park – site #65

Consulting rvparkreviews.com (one of our most used travel websites) we find there are two RV parks in Del Rio with Excellent ratings, Broke Mill RV Park where we’ve stayed several times and Hidden Valley RV Park.  Hoping for a bit quieter setting than we had at Broke Mill about 30 days ago, we opt for Hidden Valley.  Located on the south side of Del Rio, initial impressions from blog posters is that this place may be difficult to find.  We’ve talked with the owner and have explicit directions to the park.  Arriving via highway 277 to what eventually becomes Margarita Ave, we exit just before the overpass at Ogden Street.  (if you miss this exit, just take the next left on Gibbs Street – then another left on Veterans Blvd to intersect E Garfield)

Hidden Valley RV Park

Hidden Valley RV Park

At the stop sign, we’re waived on by someone in a small blue car parked on the side of the road.  After making the left on Ogden, the same car is pulled over in front of us – it’s Janet Casey, owner of Hidden Valley.  She says she was just out running errands, but we suspect she was waiting to escort us into the park.  Directions from here are easy, continue west on Ogden, bear left on Gibson, turn left on Main Street then bear right on Bolner Lane.  The park is literally at the end of Bolner Lane.  Once south of Main St. our 13+ foot clearance requirement took a bit of tree limb avoidance swerving – Del Rio need to do some tree trimming!

Hidden Valley RV Park

Hidden Valley RV Park

The RV sites are set in what appears more like a city park or orchard than an RV Park.  We’re used to very limited vegetation and dry conditions in this part of Texas.  Hidden Valley is green, lush and shady.  In fact, after backing into very deep site #65, we find it almost too dark with shade – but comfortable in the 85+ degrees of muggy heat.  Facilities are limited here, a small wash room and social room is the only public area available.  If you are in need of bath house type facilities, you won’t find them here.  Sites include 50/30/20 amp new power pedestals, new high pressure water taps, a conveniently located dump port and about 100 channels of cable TV.

Our departure this morning took one around-the block maneuver to find the way out of town – we somehow managed to miss Pecan Street (parallel to Main Street which is one-way south).  Little did we know it’s actually signed as Hudson Dr.  To avoid the hassle, reverse your course along Bolner, jog slightly right at Nicholson, then immediately left on Pecan/Hudson.  Pecan will take you back to your right turn on Garfield.  From Garfield you can continue north via 297/Veterans Blvd or east via 90 (on Gibbs)

Over-all ratings of this park is very good.  Is it worth the extra city driving?  Maybe not for just a single night, but definitely for a multi-day stay.  From here we’re headed to Ft. Davis, TX.  More from there…




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