Quinault River Inn, Amanda Park, WA

26 08 2016
Quinault River Inn, Amanda Park, WA

Quinault River Inn, Amanda Park, WA

Good Morning from the edge of Olympic National Park. We’re parked in a tiny RV park along the Quinault River in Amanda Park, WA.  Just off of highway 101, the Quinault River Inn provides 5 grassy and level water/electric hookup sites for $32/day.  There are no dump facilities here, but with just a quick overnight stop it was fine for us.  Today we’ll drive along the north coast of the Olympic Peninsula to Sequim where we’ll be spending the next 4 days.  More from Sequim…




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31 08 2016

Squim is a beautiful area; we have friends that live there.
If you have time … Port Townsend is a great little “village” to walk around & get a bite to eat also

31 08 2016

We loved Sequim and Port Townsend. Unfortunately time is short and we’re already headed home. But, this is a “must return soon” area! Hope you guys are doing well!

31 08 2016


Now you are in my back yard!

I’ve noted your travels across the US and now you are in the beautiful Pacific NW.

The Olympic Peninsula is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the US. Unfortunately, the weather is turning to rain (finally) around here.

It has been a very dry summer, so enjoy the rain as you are on the edge of the rain forest up there in Sequim. Although, Sequim itself is in a ‘rain shadow’, so you might be OK for the upcoming storm.

Be sure and visit Port Townsend area, too. We have some great State Parks up that way (Sequim Bay, Hoko River, Fort Worden, Old Fort Townsend, and many, many more)

PS: Salmon fishing is great right now. Find a charter or make friends with a boat owner. You can bank fish, too. Go crabbing. Have fun!

Best wishes,

Joe Rogoski

Olympia, WA

31 08 2016

Thanks for your comment. This is a “must return soon” area – it’s beautiful and so much to do!

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