Desert Gardens RV Resort

9 03 2017

Desert Gardens RV Resort, Site #D53

After seeing ads in Trailer Life magazine, we were curious about this 70+ acre, 200+ site RV Resort Coop where the individual sites are available for sale.  About a hour south of the Phoenix metro area and less than an hour north of Tuscon, Desert Gardens is just outside the small but interesting town of Florence, AZ.  The ads that the resort have been running proclaim some of the largest RV sites available – and we’d have to agree.

The largest sites are 60×70, the next are 60×55 and the “smallest” are 40×50.  Upon arrival we were assigned D-53 one of the “smallest” sites.  Site depth seems about the same as other large sites, but across the site was plenty of room for a large patio, the truck beside it and then still about 10 feet before reaching the next site.  The developer has done a great job of preserving much of the natural desert including trees, cactus and the huge towering saguaro.

We arrive with no preconception of what to expect and left very intrigued about the possibility of RV site ownership.  The sense of community was evident – we met many of the staff and residents who were friendly and open to talking about their decisions to purchase.  We toured the great amenities including a gym, pool/hot tub, wood working shop, a glass craft shop and the clubhouse.  All around we noticed the attention to detail, the obvious pride of ownership and friendly, out-going nature of everyone.  Thanks Eric and Marcy – we’re very impressed with what we saw!

Desert Gardens Resort Map




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