Eastward across New Mexico

14 03 2017

Lordsburg, NM KOA

With about 450 miles of eastward travel along I-10 in our immediate future, we opt for 3 shorter days across New Mexico with our first stop at Lordsburg, about 2.5 hours from Tucson.  The only RV park in Lordsburg is the KOA.  The typical A-frame building greets you and shows the best potential of this park.  Behind this façade are 7 or 8 rows of pull-through sites laid out on a gravel parking lot.  A few leaf-less trees dot the area and there’s even some grass along the back fence reserved for tent campers.  Pretty much as expected – we’ll spend 1 night here before departing for Las Cruces.

Facilities:  We found virtually no over the air TV, but with a cable connection, we had the major networks, some from Tucson and some from Albuquerque.  The office had a WiFi hotspot, but even with a WiFi booster, the service was unpredictable.  It’d run along at 3Mb one minute and then fails to connect  the next.  Frustrating – but again, mostly as expected.  Cellular phone service was spotty too, with 2G or LTE service – but very little data bandwidth.

We’re off to Las Cruces today – bigger city and better services hopefully – more from there!




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