Final Days on South Padre Island and Happy Easter!

18 04 2017

The Painted Marlin, SPI

As expected, Semana Santa was busy on the Island.  During an unplanned grocery run on Saturday the causeway bridge is nearly bumper to bumper all the way across to Port Isabel.  Beyond, reports say that it was a 45 minute trip the last 10 miles or so into Port Isabel.  Definitely one of those weekends you are best on foot or a bike.  Fortunately neither route is required to reach the small island market The Blue Marlin.  We’re quickly in and out and back to calmness of Isla Blanca RV park.

Before our departure from the island, we enjoyed two new restaurants – The Painted Marlin and Parrot Eyes – both directly on the water overlooking the Laguna. We enjoyed a few cocktails and snacks at the Painted Marlin, but would definitely return for a full meal.  Seating is inside or outside over the water, with a small marina beyond.  The wait staff are friendly and efficient.  We’ll be back.  Our dinner at Parrot Eyes was just as good.  With outdoor seating, we enjoyed items from hamburgers to fried shrimp and oysters.  Another place we’ll revisit upon our return to South Padre.

As usual, it’s been a great time on South Padre.  Cameron County has big refurbishment plans for the RV park with new facilities to include an amphitheater, a sea side boardwalk and a swimming pool.  Nothing has started on this effort yet, but we’ll be anxious to see the progress next year.

Arriving back at Tropic Winds

Tropic Winds Site #242

After packing up on Tuesday morning we’ve made the short 40 mile trip back to Tropic Winds in Harlingen.  We’ll spend 4 nights here, resupplying the pantry and fridge.  We took advantage of Walmart’s online ordering from South Padre and will pick up the products at the local store in the next day or two.  This is a good option for travelers who know they will be in a Walmart town at some point in the near future.  With a 7 day grace period, travel schedules aren’t all that critical and the overall process is very efficient – you even get to skip the checkout lines!




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