Leaving the Rio Grande Valley

22 04 2017

South Padre Island Beach

We’re northbound from Harlingen!  After 3 days in Harlingen followed by 16 days on South Padre Island and 4 more days in Harlingen we’ve charted a route home through San Antonio and onward to San Angelo.  From there we’ll either travel up through the Texas panhandle or cut over into eastern New Mexico – dependent on weather conditions.

With weather forecasts pushing triple digits in the Rio Grande Valley, it’s time to head north to cooler and hopefully dryer conditions.  The Island weather was about 10 degrees cooler than those in mid-valley locations such as Harlingen, but the wind was nearly relentless.  And, unlike years past, we opted for the complete trailer and truck wash and wax on South Padre versus back in Harlingen.  Sierra Mobile RV Service based in Port Isabel did an excellent job.  Complete with roof wash, hand wax and window polishing we were very happy with the job they did for $140.00.  An additional $45 got the same treatment for the truck.  If it wouldn’t have been for a thunderstorm on Monday evening we would have started our return trip with a sparkling 5th wheel and tow vehicle.  Even with the rain, things look pretty good.

We’re headed for Sunrise Beach campground on Lake Corpus Christi, only about a 2.5 hour drive north of Harlingen.  More from there…




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