By the River Campground, Kerrville, TX

25 03 2020

By the River Campground, Kerrville, TX

We’re parked in site #44 at By the River Campground in Kerrville, TX.  We’ve explored several RV park options around Kerrville and always end up back here. Site #42 is the last site along the non-riverside row and is probably the best in the park.  We’re just 2 sites over from there and enjoy some of the same good river views.  However,  #44 is a Water/Electric crossover site meaning the water and electric must be threaded under the rig and connected on the “wrong” side.  Nearly every other site along this row is a cross-over which would be perfect if you had friends in the next site and wanted to share a common area by parking 1 rig backward and 1 rig forward.

Arriving on March 19th, this is the first place we’ve seen Corona Virus precautions.  The office is locked, payment is taken by phone the day before arrival and the map and campground navigation is left in an envelope at the gate.  None of the last 3 places (Alamogordo on March 14th, Van Horn on March 17th or Ft. Stockton on March 18th) have any front-desk precautions in place.  Employees are requiring guests at the front desks and freely sharing conversation, credit cards and signature pens.  Only at Ft. Stockton did we see a glimmer of precaution used when the on-site restaurant dining room was closed on the day we left.

However, Kerrville is a much different place.  Store shelves are barren of even some of the basics, eggs, milk, many meats and of course the ever-empty paper and cleaner/hand sanitizer aisles.  On Friday we enjoy the patio at the Wild Ass Hey Barn (a favorite located next to the RV park) on their last day of operation. On Saturday March 19th we joined friends at Mamacita’s  on their last day before going “Take Out Only”.  Needless to say, precautions continued to ramp-up in this fairly isolated Hill Country town.  By the time we left on March 26th, all restaurants that were still open had moved to deliver or take away only, non-essential businesses had been shut, store inventories were becoming a bit better and traffic around town was quiet.

As lock-down orders went into place across Texas county by county, we weighed the options of curtailing or continuing our trip.  But, the ultimate goal was to meet family in Harlingen and then move out to South Padre Island for the month of April. Our hope was that the small island community would be a more pleasant and ultimately safer environment to ride out this storm.  We were in nearly daily contact with Cameron County park officials who continued to assure us that our reservation would be honored and their outdoor beach and boardwalk facilities were open to campground residents.

After a week in Kerrville with great friends, it was sad to depart, knowing that they were headed home to the north and that we had made the commitment to continue south toward South Padre island.  After a quick one-night stop at Lake Corpus Christi State Park we’ll arrive in Harlingen.  More from there…



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