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Hi!  This blog follows our travels after purchasing a truck camper in 2010 and joining the ranks of RV’ers.  Living in Colorado, we’ve experienced our share of camping.  Since moving to the foothills west of Denver in 2000, we’ve boated many of the lakes in Southern Wyoming, Northern New Mexico and of course Colorado.

Until now, our camping experiences have included mostly these local lakes, and mostly in the height of summer – lakes at mountain elevations are much too cold to enjoy any other time!  Our camping experiences have ranged from primitive at one of our favorite spots, Lake Glendo in Wyoming, to paved “luxury” electric sites at Lake Pueblo.  During the day, the boat is used for lake cruising, water skiing, swimming and just hanging out in quiet coves.  At night, on the trailer, we convert the boat to our bedroom with an air bed and full canvas covers.  2009 was a very wet summer in Colorado, probably escalating our desire to move out of the boat and into dryer accommodations.  Thus, in early 2010 we purchased a Northstar TC650 pop-up truck camper. We hope to expand our camping season into spring and fall using this camper.  Of course we’ll still tow the boat to our favorite lakes during the summer season – but now with a bit more comfort and convenience of an RV.

We wouldn’t consider ourselves RV “virgins” – we’ve attended the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta several times in rented or borrowed RV’s.  But, this will be the first time we’ve owned, operated and used long-term a truck camper.  It’s sure to be a great (and probably funny) learning experience!

Welcome to our small home (it fits on the back of our pickup) and big yard…
(there’s a huge, beautiful country right outside our camper door)

Our Small Home, Big Yard


In 2012 we traded the Northstar truck camper for a 2012 Forest River Wildcat 241RLX 5th wheel.  This blog continues to follow the experiences and fun of our Small Home, Big Yard…  Please post your comments, we enjoying hearing from blog visitors and fellow RV’ers.  Safe travels!

Wildcat 241RLX Floorplan

Wildcat 241RLX Floorplan


In early 2016, we traded the Wildcat Fifth Wheel for a new Rockwood 8289WS.  This 31+ foot, rear living, triple slide is amazing!  With a dining room table with 4 chairs, it’s going to make working easier – not to mention everyday life more comfortable!

Rockwood 8289WS Floorplan

Rockwood 8289WS Floorplan


9 responses

24 06 2014

I’ve just come across your blog, and am pretty fired up about it. Thank you for sharing all of your journeys with us. It would be great if you included yourself in some of the photos so that if we come across you at any campsites in the future, we can say “Hi” and tell you how much your information is appreciated in person. Thanks, Erika

24 06 2014

Hi Erika,
Glad you like the blog, I hope it provides some worthwhile insight for you. Our 5th Wheel Wildcat is fairly unique – being a west coast build you don’t see many of them on the eastern side of the Colorado Rockies. So far we’ve met only one other camper that has the identical 241RLX. So, just keep an eye out for our Wildcat. And soon I’d like to get a smallhomebigyard.com decal on the front and/or back of the rig which will make it even easier to find us! Happy Travels, SmallHomeBigYard.

20 05 2015
John O'Neal

A friend who was looking for my eBook came across your blog. Your blog is very well written and entertaining, I’m sure it will gain in popularity as you go along.

That’s what happened during my 10 year road trip. I started with 15 readers and ended up with 95. All word of mouth. Now all those emails are in an eBook called, you guessed it, Small House Big Yard.
… John ONeal

12 06 2016
Alexandra Harden

Just came across your blog. Wanted to ask you some questions about camping at Glendo WY. Please email???

24 09 2016

Luv your blog, and very interested in learning more about your 2015/16 aluminum body 5th wheel towing experience as we both have the identical trucks right down to the color.

25 09 2016

Thanks for your interest in the blog. Let me know if you have any specific questions about the F-150. It does a great job with the 5th wheel.

26 09 2017

Hi – Happy to find your blog! I’ve just bought a short box F-150 and am looking at the Northstar TC650 like you had, as I’ve a chance to get a nice used one. I’m wondering if you found there to be enough room to sit in the “bedroom” as it seems rather short from mattress up to the ceiling. Thanks! Beth

27 09 2017

Hi Beth,
It’s been awhile, but I don’t think the “bedroom” seemed too cramped. I’m not sure I could fully sit (I’m about 6′) but there was no problem crawling into bed. And, there’s certainly more headroom on the pop-up type campers than other “lite” hard-sided campers. Good Luck!
Thanks for reading!

27 09 2017

Thanks! Appreciate your reply :-)!!

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