The Rest of the California Trip

23 09 2017

After departing Sparks Nevada we’re headed to New Frontier RV Park in Winnemuca, NV.  We stayed in this park last August and still give it high marks.  NEW FRONTIER REVIEW

New Frontier RV Park, Winnemuca, NV

From Winnemuca we’re headed to the KOA in Wendover, NV.  We visited this park last year and REVIEW IT HERE.

Wendover Will

Our next destination is the Mountain View RV park in Wellington, UT.  However, arriving here we find a rather run down gravel lot next to a Motel 9 that holds little appeal.  We pass on the Mountain View and instead travel another hour to Green River State Park.  We’ve been in Green River twice now, REVIEW IS HERE.

Finally crossing the Colorado state line on day 30 of our California Road Trip, we’re pleased to meet up with good friends and enjoy a couple of relaxing days at Island Acres, a State Park campground in the beautiful Glenwood Canyon.  ISLAND ACRES REVIEW.

Wine Tasting in Paliside, CO

It’s been a great trip, filled with unexpected events; wildfire detours, hospital visits, a few thumbs down RV parks as well as my first time towing the RV.  What a fantastic experience!   And so ends our 32 night adventure to the Northern California coast!


California Bound

29 08 2017

We’re California Bound, expecting to arrive on the northern California coast in about 10 days. Once across Utah and Nevada, we’ll spend 2 nights at Susanville, CA, then 2 more nights near Lake Shasta at Redding.  We’ll cross over to the coast for 4 nights at Trinidad, CA then 3 more nights at Crescent City, CA before starting the return “loop” through southern Oregon.

Our first stop after leaving home is the KOA in Silt, CO.  A favorite KOA, we’ve watched as the owners opened to torrential rains and a muddy mess of a campground about 3 years ago. Now nicely landscaped, we enjoy the spacious riverside sites the best.  Our second night finds us back at Green River State Park.  We visted this park last year and would note that it still suffers from over watering and a fly/mosquito problem.  But, for a quick overnight – the cottonwood treed oasis is just fine.  Tomorrow we’ll continue to western Utah at Delta.  More from there…

Green River State Park, UT

30 06 2016
Green River State Park, UT

Green River State Park, UT site #4

Our 2nd night enroute to Bryce Canyon is at Green River State Park in Green River Utah.  Situated along a gentle bend in the Green River and within the city limits of Green River, UT, this is an oasis in the otherwise brown desert scenery.  But, this park need some TLC.  Low tree branches threaten A/C units and vent covers on taller rigs.

Irrigation is provided by an antiquated system that over-waters in some areas and leaves brown spots in others.  After the park manager turned on the water in our section, we’re left with a muddy puddle under the picnic table and a soaking wet RV pad along with water running down the sides of the trailer.  As evening falls, the mosquitoes that the over-watering  encourages are evident.  There are not many alternatives in this area, but we’d probably try to find something else on a subsequent visit to Green River in July or August.  In earlier or later seasons when irrigation isn’t as necessary, this might be an ideal location.

Our group of 3 rigs utilized sites #4, #5 and #23.  All provided water and electric along with a picnic table and fire pit.  There’s a dual lane dump station available in the park.