Sunrise Beach, Lake Corpus Christi

23 04 2017

Sunrise Beach, Lake Corpus Christi – Site G11

We’ve enjoyed the State Park at Lake Corpus Christi on previous trips, but with the park full, we opt for the City Park instead.  The Corpus Christi Sunrise Beach campground occupies a peninsula of land just beyond the State Park and not far from the dam.  Arriving at our designated site of G11, we find that there’s not much in the way of clues of how you’re supposed to park.  And, looking around, it appears that it really doesn’t matter.  In these large sites, some campers have their trailers parallel to the shore and tents set up all around.  Others have backed into the site making it easiest to reach the electric and water connections.  A few motor coaches have driven forward into sites for optimal lake viewing.  Backing into our site, we find that side to side level is good, but the trailer is kneeling nearly all the way to the ground to make up for the slope to the lake.  But, with a couple trees and a cement slab and picnic table, this site will be great for an overnight.

Much of the “G” row sites occupy space along the swimming bay.  On this warm, humid Saturday afternoon there are lots of kids and adults trying to cool down in the water.  There’s constant entertainment of swimmers, kayakers and tubers until the late hours of the afternoon.  Walking around this 100+ site park, there are only a couple of areas where sites don’t appear to be haphazardly sprinkled among the trees.  There are trailers, 5th wheels, coaches, boats, tents and nearly everything in between scattered throughout the campground.  But, layout aside, this park offers large spaces, good lake views and a very quiet evening after the 10PM curfew.

Local Corpus Christi TV channels had information about the annual Port Aransas Texas SandFest which was held April 21-23 in 2017.  This looks very interesting and maybe worth investigating for next year’s departure trip.

Texas SandFest, Port Aransas, TX

Our planned stop in San Antonio has been eliminated and tomorrow we’ll head to the Texas Hill Country around Kerrville.  More from there….